Psychic &

Wellness Fair

Friday, August 16th, 2019  |  5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Saturday, August 17th, 2019   |  10:00 am - 4:00 pm

445 Broadway Avenue, St.Paul Park 

This full day event brings spiritually conscious speakers, vendors and healing practitioners to one location at an affordable price point for participants. Vendors and healing practitioners will be available all day for sessions. General admission is free. Attend one workshop for $30 or all six for a discounted rate of $75!

Readings, sessions and product prices vary by vendor.

Workshop Presenters

Nicole Fende

The Numbers Whisperer

"Prosperity Grids for an Abundant Life"

Carolyn Vinup

Gateways to Brilliance

"Receiving Your Wings of Light"

Jennifer Bierma

Owner of No Knots

"The almost fearless approach 

to your gifts"

Nea Clare

Channel of Divine Wisdom

"Sacred Communion"

Carol Morgan & Xina Allen

Live Pura Vida

"Unconditional Happiness"

Vajracharya Charlotte Steen

Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Assn.

"Be Your Treasure! A Chinese Mystery School Foundational Teaching"

Vendor Booths (as of 5/4)

Booth 1: Jennifer Bierma/ No Knots Professional Massage & Bodywork 

                Metaphysical gift shop, healing stones & crystals, smudges, incense, sound healing tools and more

Booth 2: Nicole Fende/ The Numbers Whisperer

                Intuitive Financial coach specializing in working with individuals in the holistic and intuitive community to                      create creative solutions to prosperity and abundance. 

Booth 3: Carol Morgan/ Live Pura Vida

                Channel for divine beings including Jesus and a Blue Avian named Xina Allen.

Booth 4: Carolyn Vinup/ Gateways to Brilliance

                Channel for divine love, healing light, grace, peace, compassion and joy. Certified feng shui consultant and                  sound healer. 

Booth 5: Vajracharya Charlotte Steen/Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association

                Chinese Mystery School Healings, Meditation & Prayer Services

Booth 6: Nea Clare/ Channel of Divine Wisdom

                Spiritual Teacher, Coach and Intuitive channel who is deeply committed to helping others access their own 

                Divine nature. 

Booth 7: Lisa DeRoy/ DEROY Multidimensional Photography

                Emerging artist with a passion for creating multi-dimensional photography that elicits emotional healing by                  using an energy filter and special methodology that nudges her images to come to life.

Booth 8: Jake Wondra/Jake "the Bear" Wondra

                Intuitive Spirit/power Animal reader, channel of Star People and energy worker who uses channeling and

                energy work to shift energies that no longer serve the client.

Booth 9: Jen Halley/ Redhead Readings

                Psychic Intuitive and crystal ball reader. Channel of messages from spirit, guides and loved ones who have                    passed on.  

More vendors may be added if space allows. Please watch for other announcements. 

Cost to attend

General Admission to this event is free! General admission tickets grant you access to check out the vendor booths and interact with our presenters at their booth between the workshops. Price varies for goods and services provided by each of the vendors. 


Attend one workshop for $30 or all six for a discounted rate of $75 (a 42% savings)!  

Lunch options: For those that will be joining us for the whole day of workshops, food is not included in your event ticket price. We are currently looking into food options for the day (additional fees would apply) but as of May 4th, we would recommend bringing a lunch or checking out the local restaurant options. We will have a 45 minute break in action for lunch.


See the list below for local restaurants. 


Park Cafe​                                   

Park Place Sports Bar               

Carbone's Pizzeria

Broadway Bar & Grill

American Legion Post 98

There are also a number of restaurant and fast food options in the neighboring cities, Cottage Grove and Newport. 


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