Nicole Haapala, Reiki Master


Contact Nicole at her new company, NLighten Up. 

Intuitive energy work practitioner. Shaman. Reiki Master. Light worker. Master Shadow Worker. Past life Regressions. Soul Shard Retrieval. Light Code Activation's. Space Clearings. And so much more!!...


           400 2nd Street South


           Hudson, Wisconsin 54016

An amazingly gifted intuitive healer, Nicole has been with No Knots since June of 2014. In August of that year, she received her certification as a Reiki Master Energy  Work Practitioner and began offering energetic bodywork treatments at No Knots as well as serving as our office manager.


Nicole is blessed with the ability to remove lower vibrational energies from the auric field surrounding the body as well as from the environment around an individual. She assist individuals that wish to shift energies that are no longer serving their highest good in their healing journey.  She is adept at working with individuals who are working through sexual trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, low self esteem, energetic attachments/entities (living or beyond the veil) as well as people who are starting to come in to their own psychic gifts.


In addition to being a Reiki Master practitioner, Nicole is also a Certified Past Life Regressionist who utilizes her talents to help clients tap in to their soul’s memories and assist them in deeper healing. 


Nicole’s knowledge of holistic therapies reaches far beyond her passion for Reiki and is illustrated in her knowledge of healing stones and crystal therapies. She is extremely knowledgeable in how to use them effectively within healing and meditation practices as well as for everyday use. She understands the great benefit to anyone who is wearing or holding particular stones/crystals and can help advise people in their stone/crystal choices to help speed up emotional, physical and spiritual healing. As a creative soul, Nicole also creates beautiful handcrafted and energetically infused adornments to assist the wearer in their energetic journey.