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Started in 2001, the No Knots team has been joyfully serving their community through healing work and community involvement for over 17 years. 


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Michelle Hartwick, C.M.T.

Michelle graduated from the Globe University Massage Therapy        certification program with highest honors in September 2016.  She has  a fascination for, and a love of, learning how the systems of the body work. This fascination allowed her to excel in the Kinesiology and Anatomy/Physiology classes that she took while in school.


With an amazing base of skills to start with, Michelle is continually honing her skills as a practitioner. She is a certified Reiki I practitioner as well as a Craniosacral therapy practitioners.

Michelle was seeking to find her passion and found it in the healing work that she does. She loves that it not only gives relief to her clients, it gives her an outlet to reconnect within herself as well as use her energetic healing gifts. She has always wanted to pursue a career in the medical field and with a great desire to help ease people’s pain, massage is a perfect balance for her.


For the past twenty years, Michelle has received regular massage and bodywork treatments and has always been amazed at the difference massage made on her well-being. She recognizes that we all struggle through stress and she sees the significant amount of symptoms that show as a side-effect to everyday stressers. This has shown her how important massage and bodywork can be in keeping our body systems in harmony and overall good health.


Michelle plans to continue learning and growing as a healing practitioner. She would like to pursue more training in Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Therapy and Energetic healing modalities in order to help a more broad range of individuals.


Michelle spends her free time travelling, connecting with nature, creating and experiencing music and connecting with family. She is a balanced soul and we are ecstatic to have her on our team!


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