Metaphysical Gift Shop

At this time, due to COVID regulations, our gift shop is only open by appointment. We can also arrange for items to be shipped or delivered to your home.

Please call us at 651-768-7102 for more information. 

Products to help you heal...

We are a Metaphysical Gift Shop that offers a wide variety of local artisan gifts, healing stones and crystals, smudges, singing bowls, drums, healing oracle and tarot cards and a variety of other healing tools to assist clients on their journey to connecting with themselves and the divine.

We are dedicated to creating a safe environment for people to learn and grow spiritually from a sacred and high vibratory space. Our shop staff loves to talk about the metaphysical side of our work. If you have questions, feel free to ask! Curious about what something is, we would love to tell you about it! 

Bring a friend and your curiosity!