Frequently asked questions


Why December 13th, that seems like an odd choice?

Well, you should know by now that I, Jenn, am a little odd! ;) This is a multi-part answer. First, my goal was always to make it to our 20th year in business or beyond. December 13th is the 1st day of our 20th year in business and I am too stubborn to let go of the business when there is a goal on the line!
Second, we want to give our clients time to get the care they need and help to develop a care plan going forward. Third, we want to give people a fair amount of time to use their gift cards.

If I have gift cards can I still use them?

Gift cards for services and for products will be accepted until the day we close. This is subject to schedule availability so please get on the schedule as soon as possible so that you may use your cards before we close. Gift shop hours are by appointment only so give us a call to schedule a time to shop. Also, we have some items in the shop that are on consignment and will be excluded for purchase with gift certificates.
*In the event that our business is closed before December 13th due to state mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic our date of closure may be pushed up to the date the state mandate goes into effect for our business. Gift cards will not transfer to practitioners at their new locations or in their new businesses.

I can’t get in with my current practitioner to use my gift card with her, what do I do?

If your practitioner is not available or the service that is listed on your gift card is no longer available, you can use your gift card for another service or with a different practitioner in our office. You will receive service credit for the value of the service on the gift card or the value on the gift card, not equivalent time.

My practitioner is the best. Will I be able to schedule with her somewhere else?

This is still new for all of us as well and are working on some details yet. This work is a passion for all of us. It may look different going forward but in some capacity, we will undoubtedly be working with clients in the future. We will send out periodic updates from our practitioners so that you are aware of where your practitioner will be as soon as we have those details. Updates will be posted in the FAQ section of the website, on our Facebook page and in our periodic newsletters. Please check those places to get the most recent information.

I had planned to give my friend/family member a session in the coming months, can I still do that?

We have discontinued gift card sales effective August 15th. If you wish to pay for a session for a friend or family member please let us know that you wish to do that and we will arrange for payment at the time of their session.

General information

Our website and phone number will remain active for a while after we close to update our customers and clients about where our practitioners will be going. It will also include more information on our closure.

If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to me at or call the office.

UPDATES October 15th, 2020

As the leaves change colors and let go of the branches that they have clung to for months, we look around and realize that we, as human beings and as practitioners here at No Knots, are doing the same. We are letting go of what we have clung to and know. We are changing and settling down again to start anew. You have asked for updates and we will be posting them here and on our website each Thursday afternoon/evening. This will give you a place to find answers each week and will help us get information to you in a more efficient (and less emotional) way. We are all still making final decisions on where we will be going and what services we will be offering. As you can imagine, we are having the same conversations with each of you as you come in and we are starting to lose track of who we have talked with. Here is what we know so far: In the future, Nicole will be offering Intuitive healing, shamanic Reiki, Shadow work, light code activations, past life regression, soul retrieval and space clearing services under the name NLIGHTEN UP. She will be taking phone calls personally to talk about her schedule and when she will be back to work. If you would like her contact information, please reach out to Jenn via email or Facebook messenger (here) and she will send you the phone number to connect with Nicole. Michelle will continue to do massage therapy, craniosacral therapy with Myofascial unwinding and Reiki energy work going forward. She is currently looking at a few different locations in Woodbury and Cottage Grove. Her goal is to make a decision on the location by the end of October. She wants her new location to portray the energy and care that you have come to know over the years and wants to take her time with this decision. Jenn, as always, is following where Spirit is leading her. The creation of new ways to connect with people, the creation of space for healing and the energy to help people step into their beingness has her creative brain working overtime. She will be creating a new company that will include many of the metaphysical products that we carry now in an online store, classes and workshops, intuitive soul work, herbal medicine (in the future) and art...lots and lots of art, creativity and fun. At this time, she has not made a final decision about the status of massage therapy in the future. This decision needs more time and will be announced when she has a more definitive answer for everyone. We know that this does not answer all of your questions and we hope that you can bear with us as we walk this path to creating something that brings us all into closer alignment with our soul's calling and purpose on this earth. Stay tuned for more updates! We will be making more announcements next Thursday in our newsletter, on Facebook and on our website. If you have specific questions, please reach out to Jennifer or message us from the contact page and we will be sure to answer them as soon as we can.


No Knots Professional Massage & Bodywork Inc will be closing its doors permanently on December 13th 2020. Please check individual practitioners pages to see where they are going from here.

UPDATES: November 16th, 2020

As December approaches, our team members are taking their final steps together as No Knots. Many of you have talked with us about your concerns and fears around our closing as well as expressed your joy and excitement for what is to come.

We have some new updates for you!

Michelle has been working hard to get her new business up and running and she is very excited to announce, Heart Centered Massage by Michelle will be starting to take clients on December 14th! She will continue to do massage, reiki, and Craniosacral Therapy.

From December 14th until the 28th, she will be working out of our current space. Then, on January 4th, she will begin seeing clients at her new location. It is a beautiful space in Woodbury just off of Tamarack and Radio Drive at the Salons by JC. Heart Centered Massage by Michelle
Salons by JC- 8160 Coller Way, Suite 42
Woodbury, MN 55125

She is now scheduling appointments here. You can also email her at -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Nicole has been shining her light in new territory and is now working in Wisconsin. She has started a new company called NLIGHTEN UP. Give her a call to find out her schedule and set up your next appointment.

400 2nd Street S, STE 155
Hudson, WI 54016 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jenn is very excited to announce that she will be starting a new company called Spirit & Herb, LLC. Paperwork is in process and she is working to get everything going as soon as possible. The new company will focus on the metaphysical products (healing stones, crystals, incense, smudges, etc.) that she loves to work with as well as intuitive art, energetic guidance, and reading services. She is currently enrolled in a Master Herbalist program and plans to incorporate this into the new business when she has completed her schooling. More details will be available on all of this when her new website is launched.

Outside of her current in-home clients, Jenn will no longer be providing massage services on a regular basis. She wants to make sure all of her clients are well cared for so she is trying out other practitioners in our area to find the ones that she believes will be the best fit for her clients. She will have a practitioner recommendation for each of her clients in the near future.

If you would like to stay up to date on Jenn's new company, you can sign up for her newsletter list here: