doTerra Essential Oils

An end to scentless acts in massage

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Over the past 15 years, I have done upwards of 20,000 massages.  Most of those massages were completely scentless. That is, the lotions that I used had no scent to them and the oils I used were just as bland.  I have always wanted to start using aromatherapy in more of my sessions but wasn’t confident in the products that I was finding at local stores. I often found that many were laced with chemicals and fillers. You see, certain types of products do not have regulations on them. They can call themselves organic, pure or natural and, come to find out, they aren’t that at all!

I recently found a company that produces certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. This company is so dedicated to higher standards in the industry that they developed a process of quality control and use independent laboratories to test their quality.

I have used the products and am amazed by the difference in the smell, feel and taste (yes, I said taste) of these oils. I have seen absolutely fantastic results using these oils and am proud to announce that I will be carrying and using doTerra essential oils in the No Knots office from now on.  This is not to say that there aren’t other oils that I would recommend, because there are others, I have just chosen to go with the one that I feel most comfortable with at this time.

doterra essential oils

If you would like to add aromatherapy to your service, all you have to do is ask. I would be happy to find an aroma that best suits your needs and helps multiply the healing power of your session!

I also have some of the oils in the office that you can smell, feel or taste. Many of my clients enjoy the Lemon, Lime or Wild Orange in their water after their massages. Some have even started using them in their cooking at home!  The possibilities are endless and the benefits to your health are as well!