About No Knots

No Knots Professional Massage & Bodywork is a clinic with knowledgeable practitioners that excel in multiple different facets of health and wellness care. No Knots ensures professionalism, quality and personal service with every session, at any location.


St.Paul Park Location

On January 2nd, 2012, No Knots opened the new location at 445 Broadway Avenue in St.Paul Park. This location is a relaxing place for clients to come and escape the stress of their every day lives (work, kids, spouse, pets, phone calls, etc…) You will receive the same quality care and personal service that you would in your home, only in our space.

Not only do we offer massage services in this location (three amazing practitioners, Jenn, Michelle and Terri!), we have a very gifted Reiki Master Practitioner (Nicole) on staff!  We also rent space to other wellness practitioners that fit in to our model of care.  Currently, our team members consist of a Craniosacral therapist, Andrea Wagenman, as well as a Therapeutic Coach, Gina Ferrell, that both share our passion for quality and professionalism.

This space offers a calm environment, comfortable waiting area, meditation room for extended relaxation after your treatment (must be reserved in advance) and resources to help you on your wellness path. We also plan to arrange wellness events and classes at this location in the near future.



In Home Massage (Limited availability)

The massage therapist coming to your home provides you with total privacy and convenience. Our caring and skillful massage therapist will customize the massage to suit your individual needs.

When scheduling an in home massage, remember to think about your family’s schedule. Are your children going to be coming home mid-massage? How about your spouse or significant other? Thinking about this ahead of time will either help you avoid scheduling conflicts or make you aware of the interruption before it happens. Also, make sure that you turn off all noise making electronics, get your animals settled in and set the temperature in your home to a comfortable one. You will be asked to disrobe to your comfort level (Nude, semi-nude or fully clothed) for the session. Although you will be draped with the sheets, a blanket and on a heated pad, cool air in the room can often cause a chill when the massage therapist has an area uncovered to be worked on.



Benefits of a No Knots treatment


Relief of muscle tension
Increase in blood flow – circulation
Enhanced happiness and peace of mind
Helps release suppressed emotions to promote emotional healing
Helps rid the body of toxins
Helps decrease the effects of depression
Helps stimulate skin tone
Strengthens the immune system
Increases the body’s ability to hold nutrients
Can reduce occurrence of headaches
Breaks up scar tissue
Decreases swelling in extremities
Helps restore damaged tissue
Increases joint flexibility and range of motion