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    No Knots Professional Massage & Bodywork has been providing quality massage & Bodywork services to our clients since December of 2001. In 2011, we are proud to have celebrated our ten year anniversary by opening a new location in downtown St.Paul Park. We are extremely blessed to have many clients, family members and friends by our side to share this second beginning with us and continue to support us as we grow and expand.

    With the St.Paul Park location open, we can now offer more appointment times for our clients!  We invite you to open your Body, Mind and Soul up to our Massage Therapists, Jennifer and Michelle as they help you journey into relaxation and let go of your stresses. If you are looking for a new experience or need some extra healing, schedule a session with Nicole for a Reiki or Past Life Regression!  You are welcome to continue your relaxation in the Meditation area after your session, where you can take a little extra time to regain your senses before getting in your car for your trip back home. You can also enjoy a cup of tea, cocoa, apple cider or water while you come back into your body.

    Our goal is not only to help clear the body of unwanted muscle tension but to help you release your stress in a relaxing environment and send you on your way feeling relaxed and calm. We will give you education tools, such as stretches, meditations, aromatherapy or acupressure points, to continue the relaxation in between treatments.

    We look forward to meeting you soon and becoming part of your self-care team!

    “No Knot’s too big, No Knot’s too small. You can count on No Knots to get them all!”

  • About Our Staff

    About Our Staff Members & Team









    Jennifer N. Bierma- Owner/Certified Massage Therapist

    Jennifer N. Bierma is a Certified Massage Therapist and the owner of No Knots Professional Massage & Bodywork, Inc. She has been in business since 2001, caring for clients ranging in age from new born to 102 years old. Massage is her passion and it shows. Clients come to her for massage but often leave saying that they received so much more. Jennifer is fully present with her clients during each session. This means that she takes time with each client to ensure that their body is getting the treatment that it needs. This includes a health history intake and a Reiki energetic scan at the beginning of your session along with attention to all of the small and large muscle groups in the body, a brief overview after the session of what she found and a little bit of information on self care to help keep you in tip top shape after your treatment.

    She is a 3rd degree/advance Reiki practitioner, a certified emergency response massage therapist and is currently working toward her certification in both Craniosacral and Myofascial release techiniques. She graduated with Honors from the Minnesota School of Health Sciences (MSHS) in 2001 with a Massage Therapy Certification.

    Her training at MSHS included:

    • Swedish massage
    • Pregnancy massage
    • Deep Tissue massage
    • Sports massage
    • Geriatric massage
    • Infant massage
    • Trigger Point therapy
    • Integrated massage techniques
    • Esalen Massage
    • Basic Reflexology

    Wanting to help her clients more, Jennifer went back to school and received a license in 2008, from the Minnesota School of Cosmetology, as a Nail Technologist. She now uses this knowledge to education her clients on proper self care techniques for medical issues as well as what to expect from foot care specialists.

    Jennifer is committed to the well-being of everyone around her and it shows through her dedication to the community. Her current community volunteer positions include:

    • Past President & Past Secretary of the New-Park Lions Club
    • Lions Clubs International- 2015-2016 District Governor
    • Founder and Executive Director of Acornerstone in Health Education Services, Inc.  (A non-profit health education Organization.)
    • Member of the Park-Port Lioness Club and Past President
    • Lions Clubs International- Past District 5M6 Zone 4 Chair person
    • Former Secretary of the Lions Multiple District 5M Hearing Foundation
    • Former Secretary of the Board of Directions for Basic Needs, Inc. DBA Stone Soup Thrift Shop
    • Member and current Vice President for the Circle of Connections chapter of Business Network International in Cottage Grove.


    The newest No Knots employee!










    Nicole Haapala- Reiki Master Practitioner

    Nicole is the newest member of the No Knots staff.  Nicole’s primary role at the office is as Jennifer’s clerical assistant but she is an intuitive practitioner as well.  She recently received her certification as a Master Reiki Energy Work Practitioner and will now be offering Energetic services out of the No Knots office as well.

    Nicole’s knowledge of holistic therapies reaches passed her passion for Reiki and is illustrated  in her interest for healing stones and crystal therapies.  While she does not consider herself an expert in the area of crystals and stones, she is extremely knowledgeable in how to use them effectively within healing and meditation practices.  She understands the great benefit to anyone who is wearing or holding particular stones/crystals and can help advise people in their stone/crystal choices to help speed up emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

    Not only is Nicole a perfect fit for No Knots in that she has a passion for helping people through intuitive holistic bodywork, she has a history in the service industry.  Nicole has been a licensed cosmetologist for 9 years and has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and serve people from all walks of life.

    We are blessed to have her on our staff and are certain that her presence in the office lends to the calming environment that we strive for.



    Michelle Hartwick, Certified Massage Therapist

    Michelle graduated from the Globe University Massage Therapy certification program with highest honors in September 2016.  She has a fascination for, and a love of, learning how the systems of the body work. This fascination allowed her to excel in the Kinesiology and Anatomy/Physiology classes that she took while in school.

    Michelle has spent much of her life in careers, such as accounting, real estate sales and office management. All of which involve skilled organization, time management, public speaking and communication. This has led to a deep understanding of how the body is affected by desk work, computer work and stress in general. She has also learned to recognize the pain, tension patterns and other symptoms that present themselves when you are working in these capacities.

    Michelle has recently come to the realization that something was missing from her life and found that she was not living a life that was fulfilling her sense of purpose. After a lot of      research, she found Massage Therapy to be more aligned with her passions. It also gives her an outlet to reconnect within herself and as well as use her energetic healing gifts. She has always wanted to pursue a career in the medical field and has a great desire to help ease people’s pain. Massage is a perfect balance for her.

    For the past twenty years, Michelle has received regular massage and bodywork treatments and has always been amazed at the difference massage made on her well-being. She recognizes that we all struggle through stress and she sees the significant amount of symptoms that show as a side-effect to everyday stressers. This has shown her how important massage and bodywork can be in keeping our body systems in harmony and overall good health.

    Michelle plans to continue learning and growing as a healing practitioner.  She would like to pursue training in Lymphatic Drainage, Craniosacral Therapy and Energetic healing modalities in order to help a broader range of individuals. She has a soft spot in her heart for individuals that are struggling through end of life transitions and would also like to  volunteer some of her time caring for those in that phase of life.

    Michelle spends her free time travelling, connecting with nature, creating and experiencing music and connecting with family. She is a balanced soul and we are ecstatic to have her on our team!









    Denise Radcliffe, Certified Aromatherapist

    Denise has been an educator for 30 years and a Massage Therapist for twenty eight. She has an immense passion for educating individuals on matters of health and wellness, the natural way, while acknowledging the need a balance between Eastern and Western medicine. In 2016 she received her aromatherapy certification from the Aromahead Institute and has dreamed of finding ways to educate people on the uses of therapeutic oils ever since. We are excited to welcome her to the No Knots team! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Team Members

    At No Knots, we strive to provide our clients with the best service that we can provide from outstanding practitioners.  In order to do that, we team up with other local practitioners that we trust to care for us and offer services that we do not. The team members listed below are professionals that choose to run their businesses out of No Knots Professional Massage & Bodywork clinic.

    Andrea Wagenman

    Andrea Wagenman, CranioSacral Therapist

    Owner of Balance From Within

    (Andrea runs her business within the No Knots office and is part of our care team but not an employee of No Knots.)

    After watching her own children struggle with issues such as ADHD and high anxiety, Andrea sought out ways to manage and surpass their issues without the use of medications. This search led her to a technique called CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and her certification in said technique.

    Seeing the amazing strides that her children made in their health after receiving treatment, Andrea decided to branch out to the general public as a CranioSacral Therapist.  She now successfully treats many of the problems that we face as human beings; acute and chronic pain disease, concussions, headaches and migraines, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D.), insomnia, pregnancy pain and discomfort, colic and she even tackles issues related to overcoming limiting beliefs, in both personal and professional arenas.

    CST is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on healing modality that focuses on the cranial rhythms that run through the entire body.  Both physical and emotional injuries can block these rhythms and put our bodies into an inflammatory and disconnected whirlwind.  Many people have seen complex, complete changes after just one session. Others peel back the discord, one layer at a time.

    Andrea has been a CranioSacral Therapist since 2011 and currently runs her business out of the No Knots Professional Massage & Bodywork, Inc. location in St.Paul Park.  She is a local girl who grew up in South St.Paul. In 1997 she moved to Cottage Grove with her husband and three amazing daughters. Andrea has not always been the picture of health that she is today. Like many of us, Andrea struggled with her weight and the health concerns that come with that. Her own journey and her struggles along the way translate to a level of care and compassion for her clients that far surpasses the expectations of those that visit her for the first time. That experience and her experience with her own children’s health struggles has given her a unique view of what life can be like without proper care.

    As Andrea says, “We are bound only by ourselves. Unlock your true potential!”



    Gina Ferrell, Certified Therapeutic Coach and Intuitive Energy Worker

    CEO of Soul Insights, LLC.

    (Gina runs her business within the No Knots office and is part of our care team but not an employee of No Knots.)

    A true healer by nature, Gina has sought out growth opportunities that have helped her to accomplish many certifications and an extensive background in a multitude of healing modalities. This knowledge allows her to assist in the physical, emotional and spiritual healing of the individuals that seek her out.

    As a graduate of The Meta Institute in New Hope, MN, Gina has obtained her Master certification in Reiki energetic healing, a Master certification in Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Neuro-linguistic programming, Therapeutic Coaching and hypnosis.  Gina has also expanded her knowledge through other training courses becoming certified as a Belvaspata healer, an Egyptian Numerology practitioner and a practitioner of Spiritual response therapy.

    When combined, these therapies give Gina insights into the soul of every individual that she works with.  This allows healing work to be done on a much deeper level allowing individuals to gain a much more intimate and truthful view of themselves.  Sessions are tailored to the needs of each individual and together, Gina and her client choose the modality that meets the specific needs of the individual.

    Above and beyond the many healing modalities that Gina has certifications in, Gina also provides channeled messages through Soul Essence Readings. Through a divine connection with Spirit and other high vibrational light beings, Gina channels messages through automatic writing to provide insights into your current life situations and help you connect with your personal divine messages.

    Gina is a gifted healer and a source of immense knowledge. No Knots is ecstatic to have Soul Insights and her, as a trusted practitioner, working side by side with out team.



    Gift Shop Products & Vendors

    For years, No Knots staff members have heard from clients that they would like a place to purchase high quality items from metaphysical to artsy.  That is why we have opened a gift shop. Are there items that you are looking for? Ask us, we may be able to get them!

    No Knots stocks a variety of healing stones, crystals, books, angel & healing card decks, incense, chocolate, Fire Cider and a wide variety of other wellness related products.  Along with that we have teamed up with a variety of vendors to carry other types of products for our clients.

    Mission Statement

    No Knots Professional Massage and Bodywork, Inc. provides a professional quality massage and personable service to each client with a focus on customization for their specific needs.

  • Disclaimer

    All services provided by No Knots Professional Massage & Bodywork, Inc. and its’ Massage Therapists are professional non-sexual massage services. Any client scheduling a session for the purpose of solicitation of sexual acts will be reported to the proper authority and denied service from No Knots now and in the future. If the Massage Therapist travels to the location of such client and is then informed of these intentions, the client will be required to pay the full service fees without receiving treatment.

    **Please be aware that people with certain medical conditions may be ineligible to receive a massage  treatment. Please contact No Knots for more information.**


In-home or In-office massage clinic

This space offers a calm environment, comfortable waiting area, meditation room for extended relaxation after the massage (must be reserved in advance) and resources to help you on your wellness path. We also plan to arrange wellness events and classes at this location in the near future.

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Directions to No Knots Professional Massage & Bodywork and our Gift Shop/Metaphysical Store:

If you are coming from the East:

Take 94 west to US-10 East/Hwy 61 South. Take the exit on the right (exit 244) and merge onto US-10 E via a left hand turn on Etna Street. Follow US-10 East/Hwy 61 South for approximately 7 miles. Take the CR-22 exit (70th Street/Summit Avenue) and take a right at the stoplight at the top of the ramp onto Summit Avenue. Continue on with the “Directions Continued” section to the right.

If you are coming from the West:

Take 494 East to US-10 East/Hwy 61 South (Exit 63B toward Hastings.) Follow US-10 East/HWY 61 South for approximately two and a half miles. Take the CR-22 exit (70th Street/Summit Avenue) and take a right at the stoplight at the top of the ramp onto Summit Avenue. Continue on with the “Directions Continued” section below.

If you are coming from the North:

Take 694 South. 694 South becomes 494 South. Take 494 South to US-10 East/HWY 61 South via Exit 63B toward Hastings. Continue to follow US-10/HWY 61 South for approximately two and a half miles. Take the CR-22 exit (70th Street/Summit Avenue) and take a right at the stoplight at the top of the ramp onto Summit Avenue. Continue on with the “Directions Continued” section below.

If you are coming from the South:

Take US-61 North for approximately 10 miles. Take the CR-22/70th Street exit toward Summit Avenue. Turn Left on CR-22/70th Street/Summit Avenue. Continue on with the “Directions Continued” section below.
**Directions Continued:

Take your second Right onto Broadway Avenue (Super America will be on your right), cross over the railroad tracks and 445 Broadway will be on your right hand side. (If you get to Carbone’s Pizza you have gone too far.)